Develop with FDA Compliance | Expertise in Blood Bank Applications

Blood is a commodity. The healthcare industry is transforming to demand lower prices for this commodity by the formation supply chains. Combined with aggressive initiatives to lower blood utilization have lowered the demand for blood by about 20%. Blood banks are struggling to hold their price and cost commitments at current levels given the double whammy of downward pressures on costs and on volume. Blood banks are seeking affiliations, mergers and partnerships just to survive.

Whatever forms blood banking is taking, it urgently requires to automate and innovate to not only lower its costs but to be effective and efficient in delivering its live-saving services, safely and securely compliant to regulatory requirements including the FDA.

Calimex USA is a software company that has the experience and the expertise in the healthcare industry and especially in the blood banking to deliver first class applications, scripts, interfaces, device-embedded software and other innovative technology compliant to regulatory requirements.