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Picture-ID is a new biometrics, web services-based, blood donor identity verification software that incorporates donor self-administered electronic health history questionnaire. It positively verifies donor identity using Fingerprint, date of birth and gender and then matches the identified donor to their picture on file at various stages in the donation process. Options to use State ID or Donor ID is included. Positively identified donors are allowed to edit their demographic data and are checked for visit eligibility. Donor interview, phlebotomy and data upload are all online, providing a paperless work-flow based application. The application is stand-alone and works even when there are no internet connections.

Medical Device Data System

eMDDS is a web based, anytime, anywhere application that will help you decide whether the hardware or software you plan to deploy in your blood bank, hospitals, lab or other healthcare facility is an MDDS or a MMA or a BECS or not a medical device. The decision is made based on the answers you provided. eMDDS has a background algorithm built-in that will match your answers to the FDA regulations and form an opinion as to the kind of medical device you have. Based on the answers you provided, the application will issue you a certificate as shown. It has an option to allow you to upload your user requirements to Calimex for software development, if you so choose. eMDDS is fast, simple, paperless and very affordable application.

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Keepor - Keep Organized

Keepor is a complete HR & Payroll software with SaaS (Cloud) model which can scalable to 500+ employees. It is a unique tool which organizes and automates company HR & Payroll management process. It allows companies to store their employee confidential information and give access to only authorized persons to ensure that information is both secure and accessible. List of modules in Keepor: Employee Management, Employee Self Portal, Team Directory, Document Management, Leave Management, Payroll (Integrate with leave & attendance), Claims Management (Auto calculate Mileage – Integrated with Google Maps), Attendance (integrate with Attendance machine or e-Attendance), Time Sheets, Recruitment Management, Performance Appraisals and Loans. A great benefit of Keepor is to increase transparency which leads to better communication within the organization and also helps to more focus on your business growth.

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